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Key Reports
A Practical Guide to Self-Management Support
(Health Foundation, December 2015)
Encourage Participation in Self-Management Programs
(Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention and University of Victoria, 2012)
Helping People Help Themselves: A Review of the Evidence Considering Whether it is Worthwhile to Support Self-Management
(The Health Foundation, UK - May, 2011)

Patient Self-Management Support Programs: An Evaluation
(RAND Health – 2007)

Review of Findings on Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) Outcomes: Physical, Emotional & Health-Related Quality of Life, Healthcare Utilization and Costs
(Catherine Gordon and Tracy Galloway, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – no date)
Self-Management Support: A Health Care Intervention
(BC Ministry of Health - June, 2011)

Self-Management Support: A Background Paper
(Patrick McGowan, PhD, University of Victoria – September, 2005)
Sorting Through the Evidence for the Arthritis Self-Management Program and Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: Executive Summary of ASMP/CDSMP Meta-analyses
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – May, 2011)

Strategies to Support Self-Management in Chronic Conditions: Collaboration with Clients

(Registered Nurses Association of Ontario – September 2010)